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CloudCompare is an open source tool for working with 3D point clouds and meshes. I release and support the macOS versions.

The current versions of CloudCompare and ccViewer require Mac OS X 10.12+. For Mac OS X 10.10-10.11, please use version 2.9.1. For Mac OS X 10.9, please use version 2.6.1.

Please report any issues through GitHub.

Windows and Linux versions may be found on the main CloudCompare site.


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The macOS CloudCompare build includes the following plugins:

  • Animation (record movies) [as of v2.7]
  • Broom (clean surfaces) [as of v2.8]
  • CANUPO (automatic point cloud classification) [as of 2.10]
  • Compass (structural geology toolbox) [as of v2.9]
  • CSF (cloth simulation filtering) [as of v2.11]
  • Facets (extract planar facets) [as of v2.7]
  • HoughNormals (normal estimation for unstructured point clouds) [as of v2.8]
  • HPR (Hidden Points Removal)
  • M3C2 (multiscale model-to-model cloud comparison) [as of v2.8]
  • PCV (ambient occlusion for mesh or point cloud)
  • Poisson (surface mesh reconstruction for closed surfaces)
  • SRA (surface of revolution analysis)

Both CloudCompare and ccViewer include support for the following optional file formats:

  • CSV Matrix I/O file format (*.csv) [as of v2.7]
  • E57 format (*.e57) [as of v2.10]
  • Drawing Exchange Format (*.dxf)
  • Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) raster formats
  • PDMS Format (*.pdms *.pdmsmac *.mac) [as of v2.9]
  • Photoscan (*.psz) [as of v2.8.0]
  • LIDAR point cloud (*.las, *.laz) (LAS format <= 1.3)

and these OpenGL shader filters:

  • EDL (Eye Dome Lighting)
  • SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion)

Older versions: